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Our jerky is made with the freshest, all natural ingredients and are the perfect balance between sweet and heat. "Guaranteed" The Best you will ever taste. 


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We are a family owned business located in Wellington, Florida and have been making the finest beef jerky, marinades, spice rubs, seasonings and BBQ sauces for over 35 years.


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We take pride in all our recipes from start to finish and that is why you will never taste a better jerky product any where.  We use nothing but the best of ingredients and won't except anything less. The outcome is top of the line beef jerky so addicting that it should be a crime. If you haven't tried Ed's RoadHousE Jerky you are missing out! When you first experience our jerky products you are in for a treat to remember.

 "Nobody Beats Our Meat"  


Bill Moore's Hot & Spicy Reviews


  Ed's Roadhouse Beef Jerky is some of the best jerky I've ever tasted!  Very flavorful, moist, tender, not too dry, and all-natural.  The Sweet n' Spicy Korean was flavored just right....with an awesome taste coming from traditional Korean flavors such as garlic, ginger, sugar, soy bean, onion, and sesame! 

   The Inferno Ghost Pepper with the Scorpion Bite was on the total opposite end of the heat scale.  Great flavor and extreme heat...this stuff is the real deal!!  I loved the flavor of the jalapeno, habanero, ghost and scorpion peppers with a touch of sweet natural apple smoke, and other spices.  And let's not forget it does contain EXTRACT!!  This is the hottest jerky I've tasted so far!  

The Hot Pepper, Let's Talk About Hot Stuff!


"I am not usually the type to get excited about things like this, but I cannot get over how good this jerky is. I'm hooked!"


I can’t think of anything that could be improved about this jerky. It’s definitely the best jerky I’ve ever had.

Brian Meagher, Ocean City, Maryland.



Sriracha Chili with a Wasabi Twist

What a perfect start for us at HotSauceDaily to begin a review of Ed’s Roadhouse Jerky with their “Sriracha Chili with a Wasabi Twist” flavor. We opened the pouch not expecting much of an authentic taste. After all, how do you marry jerky AND Sriracha sauce AND wasabi all in one meat? But within 2 bites we were blown away. After 4 bites, we were ready to just eat the whole package – savoring the wonderful flavors and heat levels.   our highest overall rating of  5 Stars – based on overall flavor and enjoyment. 

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